UK Bookmakers Technology Consortium signs partnership with Optima

Optima™, a turnkey sports betting and eGaming solution provider, and The Bookmakers Technology Consortium, a co-operative of independent bookmakers operating around 500 betting shops in the UK, have just announced a new partnership.

BTC's bookmaker members with less than 20 shops in the UK will gain access to Optima’s MultiChannel Gaming Suite (MGS) and EPOS Serverless v2, featuring a number of state-of-the-art B2B and partner-directly-accessible tools. New BTC partners will be using the systems and benefiting from all new features from December 2017.

Howard Chisholm, Director of BTC said: “Adding support for Optima MGS and EPOS Serverless v2 brings many benefits to the members of BTC. The EPOS Serverless v2 enables a quick installation in shops which already have standard EPOS equipment in place, which can be reused, providing considerable cost savings over traditional EPOS installations.

“The change to Optima MGS provides considerable enhancements to facilities available to individual shop operators and small groups using the system. All operators will have a field book available for every event, the Bet Control application enables central monitoring of large running up bets and the central security application enables live monitoring of bet settlement.

“BTC are very pleased to be able to offer these new features to the independent sector in the UK and look forward to working with Optima to provide further enhancements in the future.”

Jacob López, CEO at Optima added: “We are pleased to extend our existing partnership with real operators that know the business inside out. We expect the BTC will increase the number of members that will benefit from all the services provided by its non-for-profit organisation. With the new Serverless V2 and the new white label oriented tools, bookmakers using the Serverless service from the BTC will have individual access to the data and tools to take control of their own business and group of shops.

“The BTC now as a group, following other UK bookmakers who are using EPOS serverless for more than 18 months now, has now access to technology that allows them full control of their business at partner level, having possibilities to roll-out new features within minutes and without experiencing long release downtimes, also increasing the frequency for product updates without impacting the up-time and system availability.”


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