Synergy Blue Converts Orbital Knight’s Mobile Games to Skill-Based Arcade Gambling Games

Synergy Blue has announced an agreement to gamblify Orbital Knight’s mobile games, providing them with expanded game distribution in the casino world via Synergy Blue’s HAWG® (Hybrid Arcade Wager-based Gaming) platform.

Synergy Blue’s patented HAWG® platform is a class III certified solution that blends GLI11-compliant skill-based or chance-based gambling, allowing for regulatory compliance in multiple jurisdictions, and making it easy to convert mobile games to gambling games.

In this deal, Synergy Blue adds the gambling functionality and regulatory compliance to Orbital Knight’s titles. With a deep understanding of the complicated compliance requirements for casino games, Synergy Blue will add gambling elements and shepherd Orbital Knight’s games through the regulatory process, allowing Orbital Knight to focus on doing what they do best — making fun games.

“Synergy Blue made it easy for our games to be showcased on a new platform and in a new industry, delivering new revenue streams and broadening our reach and awareness,” said Karol Drzymała, founder and general manager of Orbital Knight.

“Synergy Blue has its own in-house game development studio, but we are excited to share with our customers Orbital Knight’s robust library of fun, engaging games,” said Georg Washington, CEO of Synergy Blue. “Our HAWG system makes game porting easy, opening up new markets for existing game developers (third-party game developers) like Orbital Knight that already have solid games on the market.”

HAWG® and its games are meant to appeal to a new generation of gamers and gamblers, providing an engaging gambling experience with seamless arcade-style entertainment, taking the games directly to casino floors across the globe.


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