InPlayNet appoints Salvatore Marino as new CCO

InPlayNet, a German-built Online Platform company, welcome an established and experienced Italian to conquer the regulated markets.

Salvatore Marino is the new face at the InPlayNet platform to conquer new markets with innovative technologies. From November 25th he assumed the responsibility of Chief Commercial Officer.

He has burned down the stages and in less than 10 years has accumulated an international experience of great respect in the specific sector of betting, operating both in B2C and in B2B services. Today, with an MBA in Cambridge in his pocket, Salvatore Marino is leading a business development program on the main regulated markets of the world. He debuted with InPlayNet at the SiGMA conference in Malta in November, where he presented himself as the C.C.O., Chief Commercial Officer, of the German company.

"What is the use of accumulating experience if not to face more demanding challenges?". "So he responds to those who ask him why he chose to get on board InPlayNet after having worked, the last three years, with a well-established company.

"With this company, I feel I have a lot in common: we are both young, so with so much energy, but we already know the market in which we want to grow and will show our platform in Malta during the days of SIGMA. I found, at InPlayNet, people with the latest technical skills and above all a cutting-edge technology that is adapted to a constantly evolving demand within the industry. For my part, I am organising a sales and service network able to face any type of market: from those that are mature to those that are only now adopting a regulation, like Sweden."

With the InPlayNet team, Marino has chosen to work with not only experts in the field of iGaming but also professionals who come from more innovative sectors such as e-commerce.

InPlayNet has just opened its new commercial offices in Malta. But the company's more than 200 employees are distributed between the Frankfurt office, where the company was founded, and London. A multitude of technicians who for three years have been committed to develop software that can offer the gaming experience on any device and with any browser; from desktop, to tablet, to the smartphone, no matter what the Operating System is.

"I gave myself a short time and right from the start I will be busy on the main European jurisdictions. In addition to Malta, also UK, Spain and Scandinavia. InPlayNet is a winning platform for the innovative technical features and the commercial formula we have developed. We are very focused on sports betting activity, but the platform offers the full range of casino games. Being a turnkey solution, is complete platform that operators can use and set very quickly, complete with all the verticals that every operator needs in their targeted market".

Elias Yildirim, General Manager at InPlayNet, is happy to welcome Salvatore to the InPlayNet team, and looks forward to seeing some great results in the European and U.S. markets, bringing his own flair and experience to the team.


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