Entain makes big sustainability strides but lags on gender pay gap

By Gambling Insider

Sustainability progress accelerates

Entain has published its annual report, detailing the operator’s ongoing sustainability efforts. Last year saw the company assume a more active approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR), capped off by its inaugural Entain Sustain event in November.

Almost 100% of the operator’s net gaming revenue (NGR) came from regulated markets, or markets currently in the process of introducing regulations, but above all else, 2021 saw Entain make considerable progress in relation to responsible gambling

Last year, the company made nearly £13m ($17m) in contributions to safer betting and gaming initiatives, and trialled its Advanced Responsibility & Care (ARC) programme, which uses technology to proactively intervene and prevent gambling-related harm.

“ARC employs sophisticated algorithms, using 26 different markers of protection to identify signs of risk and, when needed, steps in to interact with the customer, modify the operation of games such as limiting stakes or slowing down play and suppressing marketing activity,” wrote Jette Nygaard-Andersen, Entain CEO.

According to the company’s report, ARC has registered an 80% risk assessment accuracy rate in initial trials.

The Entain Foundation also earmarked £100m for good causes, to be distributed over a five-year period. In fact, this organisation, alongside the Entain Foundation US, are the primary means by which Entain contributes to charitable and community programmes, as well as grassroots sport.

Both organisations have further committed to funding problem gambling research and education schemes. But while the operator directs considerable resources towards safeguarding its customers and donating to charitable causes, how do Entain’s more than 25,000 employees feel about working for the company?

Well, they’re pretty happy, according to Entain. The operator has reported an 87% employee satisfaction rate, with regard to wellbeing,

Furthermore, Entain made changes to its board, appointing Robert Hoskin Chief Governance Officer, and said it will continue to diversify corporate governance. Speaking of diversity, let’s talk about the company’s gender pay gap report.

Gender pay gap progress stalls

Roughly 45% of Entain’s employees are female, which is actually down from previous years. In 2020, women made up 48% of the company’s workforce, while in 2019, they constituted 50%. The median hourly pay gap, meanwhile, was 5.3%, an improvement over 2020’s 7.1%, though an increase from 2019’s 4%.

What’s more, the median bonus pay difference between male and female employees rose to 60%, a considerable increase over both 2020’s 13% and 2019’s 36%.

Based on these figures, Entain seems to have made very little progress in addressing the gender pay gap, and that’s despite its not insignificant efforts.

Gambling is a male-dominated industry, but the company has attempted to bring more women on board and help them succeed. It runs various programmes, including [email protected], an internal network where the company’s female employees can come together and learn from one another.

But perhaps the single biggest signal that Entain is dedicated to diversity and inclusion was the appointment of Danish businesswoman Nygaard-Andersen as CEO following the exit of Shay Segev.

Commenting on Entain’s gender pay gap report, Nygaard-Andersen was optimistic, saying: “We are pleased to report that our median hourly pay gap has reduced to 5.3% from 7.1% — substantially lower than the national average of 15.4%.

“This reflects the gender parity in our retail business where 54% of or colleagues are female. While we are encouraged by this, we take nothing for granted and have put in place programmes and policies such as EnTrain and [email protected] which will help us continue on this journey.

“This approach to diversity, equity and inclusion is vital to our purpose of revolutionising betting and gaming interactive entertainment.”


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