21 March, 2022

Insiders: The market has adapted

Atmosfera Studio Director and Senior Partner Arsen Barsegyan speaks toGambling Insider about the company's goals for 2022, while also reflectingon how the industry has changed in 2021.

How does Atmosfera reflecton 2021?

2021 was a great year for us. We’ve grown as a team, improved our expertise and increased the number of partners. We have succeede in every aspect of the company’s development; in some more, in others less, but in practice we are on the right track. Our company has a very well-trained system. We know how to endure and overcome difficulties: they make us stronger. We learn to admit failures, make conclusions and let go of what pulls us down. As a result, last year we deactivated a number of ineffective products.

How much did the gaming industry change in 2021?

It seems like the market has adapted to the consequences of Covid. The competition in the leading positions has increased. I like the way Pragmatic Play is developing.

The upward trend continues from year to year. I think this is one of the few industries where the market is growing so accurately and steadily.

What are the biggest challenges you face now that we are into 2022?

The main challenge for us this year is to develop our own pool of marketing instruments to attract and retain end users. Starting in March, we have launched a series of tournaments, both local for big partners and our network. At the end of the quarter, we are preparing and planning a unique tool in the live casino sector for attracting players. These are the interesting hypotheses we believe in.

I want Atmosfera to fill its niche of positive emotions in 2022 and everyone to have a great feeling mentioning it, whether it be a player enjoying our products, a partner interacting with our team or a person reading a publication about us.

What are Atmosfera's biggest goals and targets this year?

There is an axiom that 80% of revenue is generated by 20% of partners. It works for us today as well. I see the remaining 80% as a huge point of growth and boost for the company.

I understand how business can move and grow when you work with a big partner from a different field. Now we are communicating with some big players in the market. I admit that the vector of this communication will determine the development of Atmosfera in the future.

Finally, if you were grantedone wish to improve the gaming industry, what would it be?

About 3-4 years ago gambling was driven by a certain set of emotions, such as the synergy of excitement, openness, people who support it from the inside, some kind of freedom in the good word sense, craziness that encouraged me to be here right now. I notice from various events, exhibitions, publications, how it is being more regulated, depriving its unique spirit.

I want to live and develop in the way that I used to a couple of years ago. Hopefully, in 2022 I feel it again.