AstroPay – One Touch: Easing the player journey

By Gambling Insider

The complexity the payments ecosystem presents has led us to develop One Touch, a payment solution based on two pillars: immediacy and security.

Understanding that paying is a service issue has been paramount for us along the process. Providing one-tap checkouts, single-click-experiences and automatic payment fulfillment are the best options to achieve a strong conversion rate. The key is to understand that paying is a complex money-moving activity which takes many forms.

One Touch can be integrated from a simplified integration process through an auto enrolment channel, with little to no IT intervention required on the merchant side. It provides the possibility of identifying users from a single code, as well as having a closed loop on them - diminishing the chances of fraud. Receiving deposits from a simple touch, with automatic approval for recurring users, generates greater fluency and less friction in the interaction between the merchant and its customers.

KYC verification and identification controls are performed on the philosophy that payment services, apps and wallets are the best players to foster the relationship between user and service; since they are well positioned for best knowing the customer, and tailoring the experience to their security and usability needs.

Users can make deposits and withdrawals through a natural and simple procedure that allows them to set configurable auto limits, generate an account or buy balance from the merchant's site. One Touch enhances the user experience, easing the journey and making it natural.

AstroPay is a company operating in Latin America, Africa and Asia for more than 11 years, and with a presence in several of these regions.


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