Crown Perth kept its VIP room open during Covid-19 lockdown

By Gambling Insider

Crown Perth’s high roller room remained open during a recent Covid-19 lockdown.

Crown’s General Manager of Security and Surveillance, Brian Lee, has told the Royal Commission the high-roller room stayed open during the Covid lockdown in late June and early July, as it was “not contrary to any government directions."

Mr Lee explained: “I believe (during) the most recent lockdown period there was a restriction of 150 people at a venue and so I clarified with law enforcement. It was any venue that could open with 150 except, obviously, the main casino. So, I believe that along with bars and restaurants the Pearl Room, based on the 150 capacities, could open.”

However, prior to the lockdown a spokesperson had said Crown would shut down in accordance with the State Government’s restrictions: “Crown Perth has ceased all gaming activities with effect from 12 noon (WST) on 27 June 2021.”

Mr Lee also spoke on Crown’s method of handling complaints and investigations to do with loan sharks: “The ones we identified that were loan sharking — because there was evidence to suggest that — they were excluded.”

He added that any offenders would be banned for a minimum of two years before they could formally write a request and be allowed to return; Mr Lee described loan sharking as unacceptable behaviour that would not be tolerated.

When asked why a certain patron was not banned after several notifications of him being a loan shark, Mr Lee’s explanation was that matters were looked into but: “The significant rating was just that we need to pay particular attention to see whether these complaints are something and if there’s something behind that.”


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