Camelot court case could sap funds from good causes if damages awarded

By Gambling Insider

Gambling Minister Chris Philp has suggested any damages awarded to Camelot could be taken from good causes.

Camelot is currently embroiled in a legal battle over the Gambling Commission’s decision to award Allwyn the fourth National Lottery licence.

The company claims that the selection process was unfairly run and thus the Gambling Commission’s choice of Preferred Applicant was incorrect.  

During a DCMS committee meeting earlier today, MP and Chair Julian Knight raised the issue of damages if Camelot’s legal challenge is successful.

He said these could amount to upwards of £600m ($718m) and asked Philp, Minister for Tech and the Digital Economy, where this sum would come from.

In response, Philp proffered two potential sources: the Treasury and good causes. This answer led Knight to question who stands to benefit.

Camelot is owned by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Fund (OTPF), prompting the MP to remark: “That is a very rich group of pensioners effectively taking money off of British good causes. Potentially, if this case goes through.”

Philp responded: “I don’t want to comment on this court case, but I would just repeat what I’ve said.

“I’m very disappointed that this litigation is being pursued, I don’t think it serves, frankly, anyone’s interests. Camelot has had this licence for 28 years now, it’s a very very long time.

“I’ve been given every assurance by the Gambling Commission that this process was run properly, and it was run fairly, they were supported by very credible professional advisors from the legal and the financial services sector as they ran the process.”


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