Macau releases full revenue report for 2023, December up 433% year-on-year

The year has seen an increase in annual income across the board for Macau as the gambling industry makes a full comeback.

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Macau has released its monthly statistics for the full year of 2023.

The report was managed by the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau of Macau and covers each month individually.

Despite being the end of the calender, the most recent month of December rounded the year out with a 433% annual increase in gross monthly income, which translated to MOP$18.6bn.

Throughout the year, there was a consistent increase in revenue when compared to the year prior, no doubt driven by increasing rates of tourism too.

At the start of the year, January saw a gross monthly income of MOP$11.6bn (US$1.4bn), which was a 83% increase when compared to the same period the year before.

February actually saw the smallest annual increase, with 33% translating into a gross monthly income of MOP$10.3bn.

The numbers hit the triple digits in March and don’t dip back down again, with MOP$12.7bn representing a 247% increase.

April continued this trend with a 450% increase in gross monthly income to MOP$14.7bn, which also saw the annual accumulated gross income rate of change reach triple digits - with a 141% raise from last year's total by this point.

A small dip came in May, dropping down to a 366% increase, represented in MOP$15.6bn gross income.

The rate of change was boosted over the summer months though, with June seeing MOP$15.2bn at the start of the busy tourist season, an annual change of 514%.

July saw the largest increase of the year though, with MOP$16.7bn and a rate of change of 4,083%.

This was no doubt driven by a surge in tourism, which the Macau Statistics and Census Service (DSEC) recorded as a monthly increase of 25% and an annual one of 28,177%.

Out of the 2,759,544 tourists who arrived in July 2023, 1,910,371 of these came from mainland China.

August saw an annual increase of 686% in gross monthly income to MOP$17.2bn; September recorded another slight dip but still a positive 404% increase to MOP$14.9bn; and October had an increase of 400% to MOP$19.5bn - the highest monthly income out of the entire year.

Finally, the penultimate month of the year, November, had the largest increase of the winter months with 435% and MOP$16bn.

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