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SCCG Management partners with Thunder Fight Center for Versus FC MMA Debut

This collaboration coincides with the debut of Versus FC in mixed martial arts (MMA), scheduled for Wednesday 24 January at the Thunder Fight Center.

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Consultancy firm SCCG Management has announced a sponsorship partnership with Thunder Fight Center, Brazil's martial arts events venue.

The agreement includes the prominent display of SCCG branding within the octagon.

Thunder Fight Center, inaugurated in 2020 amid the challenges of the pandemic, has played a role in maintaining combat sports activity in the São Paulo region. As Brazil's exclusive venue dedicated solely to martial arts events, it has hosted 79 events over the past three years, featuring 1335 bouts in its specialised cage and ring.

In addition to traditional events, Thunder Fight Center hosted the Pillow Fight Championship (PFC).

SCCG Management, known for its involvement in various sports leagues, including niche ones like the Pillow Fight Championship and Major League Pickleball, views this collaboration as a step towards fostering sports entertainment globally. 

This month, the firm has entered into a collaboration with Verano.AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology provider, aiming to integrate AI solutions into its suite of management and advisory services.

Furthermore, SCCG extended its partnership with Signature Payments, focusing on enhancing payment processing standards within the gaming sector. The consultancy also established an exclusive sponsor partnership with White Label Coders, a WordPress development agency, with the goal of improving user experiences for its clients.

Stephen Crystal, SCCG Founder & CEO, said: "We are excited about the partnership between SCCG Management and Thunder Fight Center, coinciding with Versus FC's debut. This aligns with our commitment to nurturing sports entertainment.

"Thunder Fight Center's dedication to martial arts complements our vision to support emerging talents. We anticipate this collaboration will enhance experiences for both fighters and fans, setting new standards in martial arts and sports entertainment."

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