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NEWS 28 April 2017
Mobile the dominant platform in US social casino market
By Tom Lewis
Social casino players in the USA favour playing on mobile devices, according to analysis conducted by SuperData Research.

A total of 85% of social casino gamers now play using mobile devices, with only a record low 49% ever turning to their PCs.

Furthermore, 27% of players exclusively use their mobile devices, while the research firm states that the share of players that only use a computer has fallen from 15% in 2016 to 6% in 2017.

SuperData did find PC users to be the more engaged, however, spending an average of 69 minutes playing per session and spending $79.45 a month on games.

By comparison, the average mobile session lasted 57 minutes, while mobile players recorded an average monthly spend of $39.87.

The report also revealed that social casino play is often a secondary activity for many users, with 78% watching TV or streaming content while playing.

The audience for social casino games in the USA was found to be predominantly female, women making up the majority of both smartphone and desktop audiences at 73% and 72% respectively.

In spite of the prevalence of mobile play, Carter Rogers, Research Manager at SuperData, noted there may still be hope for the humble desktop.

He commented: “There is still a market for core social casino gamers on PCs. Since most casino-style games are large-scale and contain aspects from several genres, game developers are able to harness PC’s extra screen real estate and create visually interesting casino lobbies.”

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