Wheel of Legends, Zitro's brilliant new addition to the Casino de Mallorca

Zitro’s new multigame, Wheel of Legends, has arrived at the Casino de Mallorca and, along with other renowned Zitro products, is dazzling the customers of this Luckia Casino.

Casino de Mallorca managers are thrilled with Zitro’s latest addition. “The reception that Wheel of Legends has had among our customers is incredible, it is a real pleasure to see how spectacular our casino looks with the new Altius Glare cabinet”.

Wheel of Legends is a product that is revolutionizing the gaming halls of Spain with a totally unprecedented graphic quality, which adds a completely different game dynamic to what currently exists in the market. Featured on the premium Altius Glare cabinet, Wheel of Legends is positioning itself as a player-favorite in all gaming properties in Spain.

Jaime Aníbal-Álvarez, Zitro’s Director of Casinos in Spain, thanked Luckia: “for adding Wheel of Legends along with other renowned Zitro products, such as Link King and Link Me, as a sign of the trust placed in our company and we are grateful for the involvement of its human team that, together with that of Zitro, have made this bet a success”.



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