Casino Technology displays novelty slots and game packs at EAE 2017 in Romania

Casino Technology released a selection of novelty products at Entertainment Arena Expo in Bucharest on 4-6 of September. The showcased slots were chosen to fit to the customer’s preferences on the Romanian market.

Casino Technology are a gaming equipment manufacturer established in 1999.

Valentina Dobre, Regional Director for Romania at Casino Technology said: “Being for over a decade on the Romanian market, we are well aware of the client’s needs and we provide products that will satisfy their taste. As the slant top slots are very popular, we are pleased to provide our trustful partners with the brand new Tower Slant Top cabinet. For those who enjoy more flexible cabinets with contemporary look, we are here to present the Ez Modulo”.

The Tower Slant Top with its 43inch vertically curved monitor and 4K resolution provides personalized playing experiences that clients appreciate and gives operators more flexibility through compact footprint and solid construction. It is showcased with the game pack Tower 101 with 40 games.

Also the Ez Modulo with two 27inch HD monitors and 24inch video topper is an ideal solution for every casino floor with its ergonomic characteristics. The large player's deck adds to the comfort and the optional 15inch” iDeck has a game selector, displayed with Speed King game pack. The full HD multigame with 60 titles has vivid colors, clear images and interactive bonus features. The mix of already established games and new titles maximizes slot machine occupancy.

The company's booth is completed with an online corner displaying the multichannel gaming solution of Casino Technology. The functions of the sophisticated Rhino Casino Management System will be available to see.

The Leopard Online Gaming Platform will be introduced with new added modules. As an advanced platform for online gaming it provides both operators and players the flexibility of choosing between a wide range of casino games and products integrated into a single e-wallet. Both Rhino and Leopard are part of the THE BIG 5 suite that offers a full range of tools for both traditional and online businesses.

Dobre added: “Our main principles are to put our customers on the first place, listening to their needs when delivering our rich content and at the same time to provide with the best of services we can. With our new line products all core principles of the company are respected and we offer our long-standing partners on the Romanian market the most desired products”.


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