InBet Games unveils 3D Tron Race

InBet Games has announced it will launch of a new, exhilarating game – 3 D Tron Race, which provides the utmost racing contest experience for players and will not leave any better unmoved.

The setting of the game features a long six-track speedway that stretches through a dark city in the night. Six flashy and colorful motorbikes align by the start point, all ready to set on a suspenseful and breathtaking ride to win the first prize and become the Ruler of the Night Race.

The start is waved and the six adventurous cyclists dash off, accelerating their gears to succeed in a gutsy, competitive motor journey and reach the finishing line first. As the race goes on, the rivalry intensifies – the contenders crack up the speed and zip along, trying to get ahead of each other and take over the racing track.

The path to winning is also full of hazards along the way: big, chunky structures and enormous bridges emerge on the road all of a sudden, and it takes a racer to do some fast maneuvering to avoid smashing the structure and getting crashed. Some cyclists drop out of the race, some pull through, but danger adds the thrill and feeds on to the excitement!

As the speedy contest progresses, a frantic desire to win engulfs a player and keeps the suspense going all the way to the finishing line. In just a few more seconds, the horizon of a finishing line becomes visible, and a few remaining racers roar up their engines over the last stretch of the track to move closer to the coveted prize of the Night Race Ruler Number. A few more seconds pass by, the wheels of the first three motorbikes cross the magic line one by one, and the three lucky winners embrace their gains!)

3 D Tron race is definitely a great way to enrich virtual sport game portfolio and have another revenue-generating engine. Available on all major delivery channels, 3 D Tron race is a fantastic tool to stimulate your customers’ engagement by letting them experience a touch of life in the fast lane in a competitive race for a winning prize. This game is a perfect way to attract more new players as well as entertain the already existing ones, while they wait for the results on their other bets. The game options allow for a variety of bets: a bet on the winner and on combination, and is available on mobile applications.

The racing match in the game resembles the Light Cycles Match found in the movie TRON: Legacy, where the back of each cycle emanates a light trail that is harmful to a contender and will cause him to crash. The racing becomes even more intense, as someone of the racers fall out of the contest when the vicious light of a rival strikes him in an attempt to jump ahead.


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