After EiG Berlin, BtoBet Technifying Tour proceeds towards Bulgaria

After a successful stop in the Excellence in Gaming (EiG) conference held in Berlin this week, eGaming and sports betting software provider BtoBet will proceed with its Technifying iGaming Tour towards Eastern Europe in a few weeks.

EiG Berlin, where German operators confirmed a strong interest in BtoBet’s exclusive technology talks, has just concluded and the software supplier is ready to move its much appreciated Technifying Tour to Bulgaria.

In Germany, BtoBet’s chairman Alessandro Fried met European operators keen to know how effective technology can increase gamblers’ engagement in the evolving digital environment, fulfilling their need and expectations.

Commenting on the Technifying iGaming Tour 2017- Berlin, Fried said: "The power of the technology that players and bettors now carry around with them 24/7 is opening up a whole new world of opportunities for licensees to engage with their customers. The proliferation of mobile touch points, and the ability to access content on-demand,suggests that purchasing power has shifted from the brand and retailer to the consumer.”

Fried also highlighted,“With digitalization, the player’s journey has become more interesting and full of opportunities. Operators must be ready to shape their products following the customers’ expectations.Trustful iGaming and Sports betting software providers must be able to totally support operators, providing the latest software engines to understand their clients’ 3D journey and the adequate tools to drive their business in a profitable direction.”

To discover more about the influence of digital development in igaming and sports betting, download the Industry Report “Digital transformation: betting and gaming catchthe global tech wave.”


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