Where does gambling stand in the metaverse?

Dan Ștefan Ciobanu, Co-Founder and CEO of Bugsy World Society, discusses how he thinks the metaverse is going to transform the gambling industry. 


Why is the idea of the metaverse becoming the future of digital worlds and industries?

People want the digital connectivity with the physical world, the whole project and everything that we do is based on that. We have taken this technology and applied it to all the games. Our project is called Maxio, and in Maxio an ecosystem of worlds exists with at least one dedicated to gaming & gambling.

As the metaverse expands and virtual casinos become a thing, do you think that it will be detrimental to real casinos and having a real experience?

As humans we are bound to our need for experience. We are talking about two experiences here. For example, you walk into a casino in Monaco and see it and all it has to offer, that’s one type of experience that’s very clear, specific and punctual. The question is, how many people actually can be there? How many people want to be there? And the ratio between those that can and want to be there is one in a million. At the same time, people say ‘I want to be in Monaco and half an hour later I want to be in Las Vegas.’ This is the experience we give through ‘metamobility’. Even though there is a 3D approach in the metaverse, I can facilitate a 3D delivery classical interface – that is part of the metaverse.

When will the metaverse become the norm?

We are at exactly the same time and exactly the same moment in history where we have to identify how the metaverse will transform the digital businesses there are right now and bring them to the next level. We have so many answers for that – we believe that the verticals are different. These verticals are human-based, object-based and machine-based. What kind of relationships, objects and things can you create inside the metaverse with these three main pillars? These three are driven by how the objects move and by AI. The AI understands, thanks to its vast amount of information, what the best delivery is for any particular person in their particular circumstances, thereby catering differently for each individual.

Business should scale their operations based on these verticals and adapt themselves further into the metaverse. There are some industries that will be majorly influenced, we will see new jobs that 25 years ago didn’t make sense, but now they do – like the concept of having a digital strategist back then because nobody would understand what that is. Now we’re going to have the same thing at the metaverse level.

I’d say we’re at the very beginning of all of this, it is like the AI evolution, everything is linear until it grows exponentially

Finally, where would you say we are with the metaverse, in terms of practical application?

I’d say we’re at the very beginning of all of this, it is like the AI evolution, everything is linear until it grows exponentially. Why, because it is the power of example. Every industry we can see this happen in becomes the model and example of how the metaverse can enhance the business operations – growing horizontally to cover entire industries, while also growing vertically to cover all business operations.

An example of how it will work in the real estate industry is that you can go to the building virtually and look at what the place will be like right down to the view from the balcony. But the building isn’t built or real yet. That’s how detailed this is. By the time I want to go and see the apartment, house or block, I can feel the experience, I can see 100 in a day.

All industries can be influenced by the metaverse, and we are bringing the gambling and gaming world into it – this morning I played a pinball machine that was 20 kilometres away from me.

You can read the rest of Dan Ștefan Ciobanu’s interview in the forthcoming Jan/Feb edition of Gambling Insider magazine – which will be distributed at ICE.

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