Imminent Nevada restrictions will aim to slow spread of COVID-19

By Peter Lynch

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has said new measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 will be introduced across the state.

He did not provide specific details or a date for the impending restrictions, but says new steps are necessary as cases remain high in Nevada.

Sisolak announced his team is working with state health and emergency management officials and economic leaders, and is gathering input to develop appropriate safety measures. 

“This will help determine options for our best path forward that will stop the wildfire spread our state is currently experiencing as a result of COVID-19 and attempt to protect our very fragile economy,” he said. “We will have many more details to share soon.”

Sisolak earlier this month urged Nevada citizens to remain at home as much as possible, in a bid to reduce the rate of cases in the state.

After closing their doors in mid-March due to lockdowns at the height of the ongoing pandemic, casinos in the area have reopened, albeit with several health and safety measures in place.

Properties in New Jersey have reopened under similar circumstances, but are now subject to closing once again in a bid to mitigate the spread of a second wave.

However, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has argued against the closing of casinos in Atlantic City, suggesting no evidence exists to say such properties are responsible for spreading the virus.

By contrast to Sisolak, he said: "Whether it’s through personal protective equipment, whether it’s through dividers, capacity management, temperature checks, review of symptoms checks with people who go onto the floor, which is happening in all the casinos... there is not any evidence that there is either bad management of the floor or that there is a big outbreak coming from participating on the floor."


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