Station Casinos ordered to recognise casino union in "extraordinary and vindicating ruling"

By Sehaj Dhillon

A federal court has ruled that Station Casinos must negotiate with the Culinary Union for employees at Red Rock Resort.  

Station Casinos, which operates Red Rock and several other local casinos, has been asked to comply with casino unions.  

The ruling was made after the casino was accused of undermining unions; earlier this year the National Labor Relations Board felt the operator was using the pandemic as a reason to disregard unions.  

In a long-running dispute, employees at Station properties had been asking for union representation; the culinary union has tried to get union votes scheduled at Station venues for nearly seven years.  

Additionally, the union had also accused the company of undercutting a 2019 election by enhancing health benefits just days before the vote.  

The decision was made by US District Judge, Gloria Navarro, who said it was a “hallmark violation” of federal labour law and had ordered the company not to threaten or interfere with employees that support the union.  

In a response to the decision, Culinary Union Secretary-Treasurer, Geoconda Argüello-Kline, said: “We are pleased with the federal court’s extraordinary and vindicating ruling in Favor of Red Rock Casino workers.  

“We commend Red Rock Casino workers for their courage and resilience in the face of the massive anti-union campaign that Station Casinos waged against their own employees and we look forward to negotiating and winning a union contract to protect workers.” 

Meanwhile, Station Casinos said it “firmly and respectfully” disagreed with the decision.

It also claimed the Judge had punished the company “because Station Casinos treated its team members too well.” 


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