MGM Resorts CEO urges employees to get vaccinated

By Sehaj Dhillon

MGM Resorts CEO, Bill Hornbuckle, has asked the operator's workers to get vaccinated as soon as possible.  

In a letter sent to MGM Resorts employees, Hornbuckle urged his workforce to get the Covid-19 vaccine, as the spread of the virus could lead to more restrictions and closures.  

The letter was sent out just one day after Nevada announced masks will once again be required for all people indoors, including hotels guests and visitors.  

Speaking on the return of mandatory mask-wearing, Hornbuckle said it was “another disheartening step backwards when we should be focused on continuing our recovery.” 

He added: “In addition to the heart-wrenching thought of more illness and death, I fear that progressively more restrictive measures, including a return to social distancing and capacity restrictions, could be around the corner if we continue on this path. This would be a significant blow to our community, industry and economy.” 

“So please, get the vaccine as soon as possible. It is safe, and it is effective. If you’re still unsure, ask your doctor, the person you trust most to provide informed, professional medical advice regarding the health of you and your family. But please, do it as soon as possible.” 

The MGM Resorts CEO feels Southern Nevada’s low vaccination rate could cause the area to be overrun with sick patients in hospitals.  

In addition, he believes it could lead to more Covid-19-related deaths, a reduction in tourism traffic and possibly more furloughs and layoffs like those of last year. 

“None of us want that. After the pain endured by so many these past 16 months and the tremendous progress made in 2021, I can think of no more damaging scenario for us as a community,” Hornbuckle concluded. 


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