Money Talks: Ambiguous celebrity consultancy, The Premium, creates “educated gamblers” 

By Isabella Aslam

Mystery man, The Premium, talks with Isabella Aslam on his sports betting consultant service, the company's high customer return, his celebrity persona and why he will never share his true identity... 

“Identifying bets is a skill” and, with his expertise, The Premium voices that him and his team should be compensated for it. “I provide a lot of methodologies that I teach my clients,” he says. “The sports betting industry is a great way to earn a passive income, there are a lot of different ways you can set yourself up for success, and that's what I teach.” 

The Premium uses many tools in his arsenal that include predictive modelling projections and data analytics. His ability to study in-depth previews of team matchups helps to identify market inefficiencies that aids in his advantage. Using statistical models via machine learning (alongside human thought processes) provides The Premium additional resources to make calculated decisions for his clients.

“MLB is a really good example of how we use deep analytics to find clear-cut edges in certain ways that games are played, it's one of The Premium’s strongest sports that is offered as part of our consulting services. The MLB is a sport that relies heavily on statistics and data."
The Premium offers ample VIP Packages, ranging from daily to yearly and even personalised options; the monthly package is said to be the most successful, including 30 days of consultations for clients. “We provide a considerate discount for their first package, which allows them to test out the system. We also have the custom-tailored packages. We work with the client's needs, so we would be able to lower a monthly average to have them for a longer term.” 

In an aim to differentiate The Premium to other sports betting consultants, he continues: “Where we differ is where we target higher niche clients. We are typically higher priced but I provide more value. Our mantra is: pay The Premium in exchange for premium consultation.”

“There’s no better feeling than making money” 

With a results-driven business, and an even more results-driven mind, The Premium aims to “change the narrative” on sports betting consultants and teach his clients the ropes on “operating their own quantums” into their own everyday betting, teaching them how to become “educated gamblers.”  
“There’s a bad aura around consultants when it comes to this industry. And I'm trying to remove that and put a lot more credibility behind what sports consultants can really do for clients.” 

The full interview will be included in the November/December edition of Gambling Insider magazine, out in early November; you can read the September/October edition here.


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