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Sportradar launches FanID marketing solution

The first-party marketing product integrates a data clean room to generate sports fan data without the use of third-party cookies.  

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Sportradar has launched a new end-to-end, first-party marketing solution aiming to generate user data for rightsholders and companies without the use of third-party cookies. 

It is the belief of Sportradar, backed by emerging trends from search engines and governments, that we are likely to see the end of third-party cookies as a tool for data collection. Third-party cookies, in summary, are pieces of code embedded in websites that are able to track user movements. These cookies are placed on sites by domains different from the site itself, which has caused some to feel the technology is a breach of personal privacy. 

First-party cookies, meanwhile, are deployed by the brand themself, giving users more clarity on how their data is used and more ability to consent to how data is used to create customised experiences.

During a company webinar, Sportradar VP Fan Engagement Mike Falconer described: “Within the architecture of the platform, simple things like... the frequency which fans are engaged, can be controlled. Certainly, leagues and federations are conscious that they don’t want to exploit their fans for commercial gain in a way that is going to affect their enjoyment of the sport, as sports fans are first and foremost absolutely. 

“We ourselves, within FanID, want to provide the tools for that responsible custodianship to happen and be sustained.”  

We provide a more in-depth analysis of this webinar in our upcoming print edition of Trafficology.  

FanID incorporates a four-stage data analysis process, beginning with data collection done via the integration of Sportradar’s tools into their channels. Secondly, data from across brands are shared in the data clean room, ‘to create comprehensive and anonymised fan profiles.’ 

Finally in the last two steps, using marketing activation technology, advertising content is delivered to users based on collected data, with personalised advertising being sent via the ‘best channel.’ 

EVP, Fan Engagement at Sportradar Rainer Geier said: “The crumbling of the third-party cookie represents a significant opportunity for rightsholders and brands to gain a greater understanding of fans, while also enabling more efficient and seamless delivery of digital advertising content.” 

The launch comes following last week’s announcement of Sportradar’s extended partnership with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and its partnership with the ATP Tour in December.  

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