Americans set to wager $4.6bn on the Super Bowl illegally

By Caroline Watson
According to the American Gaming Association, only 3% of the total Super Bowl bets are expected to be legally wagered through licensed sports books in Nevada.

The association has estimated that Americans will wager approximately $4.76bn on the Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

These astonishing figures show that 97% of all bets, equalling nearly $4.6bn, will be wagered on the sporting event. Punters will likely use offshore sports betting sites, local bookmakers and office pools, which, though popular in offices across the country, are technically illegal.

“Thanks to the failed federal ban on sports betting, Americans are sending billions of their hard-earned dollars to corner bookies, shady offshore operators and other criminal enterprises,” said Geoff Freeman, President and CEO of the American Gaming Association. “The big question we’re asking: Is 2018 finally the year when governments, sporting bodies and the gaming industry work together to put the illegal sports betting market out of business?”

Late last week, the National Basketball Association outlined their vision for legalised sports betting in New York State as a model for sports betting across the US.

The NBA has joined a number of other sporting associations across the US to support New Jersey’s repeal against PASPA.

Freeman commented: “The NBA is an important stakeholder and we are pleased to see their active engagement. Unfortunately, their proposal would replace a failed federal law with bad state policy – robbing law enforcement, regulators and state taxpayers of additional resources. Eliminating the illegal market is in the public interest – and it is incumbent on each stakeholder to prove how their proposals achieve that critical objective.”


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