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GGA 2020 AffiliateCon
NEWS 6 January 2020

Company Focus: Check out Ganapati's knockout ICE 2020 portfolio!

By Gambling Insider
Ganapati has become known as one to watch each year at ICE, and 2020 is set to be one like never before for the global supplier. Read on to get a glimpse of what’s in store for visitors to the Ganapati stand this year.

Dragon & Tiger

The Dragon and the Tiger are ancient adversaries, known for their conflicting energies and fierce rivalry. In this enchanting 9x9 grid slot with cluster pays, the two beasts are set on an everlasting quest for Gems, as well as the legendary White Pearl. The game is set at the Edge of the World – where the heavens and earth meet. Players should be on the lookout for Wild Eye symbols appearing in the corresponding Trigger Areas, expanding and adding Multipliers. The game also features a Jackpot Wheel, which offers a multitude of prizes, including a jackpot and Dragon & Tiger Free Bonus Games.

End of Edo

An intense air of warfare pervades. A shadowy Edo castle is dimly lit by the flames of war and dramatic music emphasises the game’s dark mood.

End of Edo is set in a period of Japan’s history known as the Fall of Edo – a time when the country’s militant, samurai rule was brought to an end and power was restored to the Emperor. Join members of each of the four clans involved in the war which ended the Edo era, as they fight to restore Japan to peace in this action-packed game.

The game’s interactive element is what really makes End of Edo stand out. The highly original, strategy-based bonus game allows players to battle their way across a tiled map one step at a time, picking up fun features and rewards as they go, as they fight their way to the Free Spins round. Players must choose their own path – and in doing so, are controlling their own destiny.

Dawn of the Druids

Ireland is under attack by Fomorians sent from Japan by the evil king Balor. Four legendary druids come together to rescue the Irish people, combining their powers to open a portal to Japan and defeat the evil king. In this harmonious, Celtic-themed game, players must assist the druids in their fantastical quest to open the portal and activate Free Spins. The game also features Expanding High-Paying symbols and a Gamble feature.

Pacquiao One Punch KO

Ganapati’s big release for 2019 is still gaining the company plenty of attention and is most definitely worth a play at ICE. Pacquiao One Punch KO, the official Manny Pacquiao slot game produced by Ganapati, was released in September with the aim of not only celebrating the Octuple Champion’s unrivalled boxing talent, but of giving back to his local community. Proceeds from the fast-paced, action-packed game go towards the boxer and Filipino senator’s own charity, the Manny Pacquiao Foundation, which supports children’s education in his home country. The game truly is about fighting in more way than one!

Monster Quest

Monster Quest is a unique battle slot inspired by the mythical monsters of ancient Chinese legends. In this enticing, atypical slot game, players must take on ferocious monsters of all different forms, in order to take home the treasure. The game features 8 different types of monsters which players battle in different locations, trying to trigger the Treasure Chest feature for further rewards. Players enter a whole new realm through the realistic animation and vivid colours the game provides.

Power of Elements

The five elements – Wood, Earth, Water, Fire and Metal – symbolise the cyclic energies of Nature. When the cycle is stable and all elements interact equally, Nature stays in harmony. For eons, the elements have been kept in balance by the mysterious primordial beasts known as Elemental Guardians. But now the Guardians are raging and the only way to pacify them and prevent a great calamity is to unleash the power of the elements.

This unique cascading slot with cluster-based payouts combines elements inspired by the fantasy JRPG genre. Players are able to battle 5 different Elemental Guardians, unlocking their respective habitats and collecting treasure chests with randomly selected Multipliers, as a reward for defeating them. Each Guardian is weak against 2 elements. Winning clusters of these elements unleash the energy and deal damage to the Guardian. Like in an authentic RPG game, the Health Points (HP) bar is displayed in the game, and lucky spins can deal significant damage to the creature, leaving players thrilled by the unusual slot dynamics.
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