Betway advert featuring England footballer under 25 removed by the ASA

By Iqbal Johal

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a Betway YouTube advert featuring England footballer Declan Rice.

The YouTube advert is deemed to be in breach of the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) code, which states anyone who is or appears to be under 25, is banned from playing a significant role in marketing communications.

West Ham footballer Rice, 20, was featured in the advert posted on the Betway YouTube account on 19 October 2019, with a video showing a prank being played on him.

The video ended with the operator’s slogan ‘Heed Your Hunch’ and its logo appearing on screen, along with a link promoting responsible gambling.

Betway denied the video was used as an ad, claiming it did not contain promotional content.

But the ASA argued that, because the ad ended with the brand name Betway, and featured sportsmen who consumers would be able to place a bet on, the ad was indeed promoting Betway and contravening the CAP code.

The ASA has informed Betway to remove the ad and ensure it does not appear again in its current form, warning the operator against using those under the age of 25 in any future adverts.

Betway isn't the first operator to fall foul under the apparent clampdown on the use of gambling adverts on TV and social media.

A Facebook advert from Football Index was banned for the use of footballers under 25 in August, while Coral has also seen adverts banned by the ASA in recent months.


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