BBIN & TGB Charity support children’s sanitary education in India

In October, 2020, BBIN’s charitable brand TGB Charity, works with SAATH and Unipads on a new project to promote the understanding of health and sanitary knowledge. TGB Charity donates US$ 60,000 and hosts over 100 workshops in the campuses in Gujarat, India, where children learn the correct knowledge about health and sanitation. Meanwhile, 12,000 reusable sanitary pads are given away on-site to girls, preparing them for the up-coming physical and mental transformation.

As a leading iGaming software supplier in Asia, BBIN has been working with non-profit organisations to raise the public awareness towards charity through fun and meaningful activities.

Until 2020, TGB Charity has focused its efforts on various fields, endeavoring to make significant difference to the world. Education is one of the major topics that TGB Charity values highly.

Through working with local institutions, TGB Charity promotes health/sanitary education and decreases the chance of girls’ dropping out and suspension from school due to menstruation. In the future, TGB Charity will continue to draw public attention to global issues, sharing love and warmth to the world.

SAATH, a non-profit organisation in India, has been contributing to children’s rights to education and lives; meanwhile, they provide residents health care, employment consultancy and skills impartation.

Unipads, a reusable sanitary pads company, focuses on corporate social responsibility — providing women job opportunities and improving their quality of life, and empowering the rural areas with health education in knowledge and resources.

Official website of TGB Charity

Official website of SAATH

Official website of Unipads


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