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iAffiliates launches luxury affiliate 'Loyalty Club' Competition

Friday 4th December 2015
On November 1st, iAffiliates launched a giant 'Loyalty Club' Promotion aimed at all affiliates – from the newest affiliates to the top names in the business. Affiliates compete in four different groups, based on their monthly traffic average, for a chance to win one of four exclusive travel packages.

At the end of the promotion, the affiliate with the most points from each group wins a vacation of their choice from ten locations, including New York, Las Vegas, Macau, Miami, Mexico, Thailand, and top tourist destinations in Europe.

The promotion is unique in that affiliates only compete against others of similar size, giving everyone an equal chance to win. It also has an exciting added incentive, letting winners pick where to go from one of three prize categories: silver, gold, and platinum.

Head of Affiliates, Roi Rintzler, explained how the multiple-prize and multiple-winner promotion mirrors iAffiliates' program ethos. "Each affiliate is unique and looks for different opportunities in our program. We offer tailored commission plans, so why not give the same incentive in a competition?" he said.

"In today's competitive market, affiliate programs need to personalise the relationship with their partners. We go the extra mile by optimising everything, from our marketing tools to our promotion prizes."

The iAffiliates Loyalty Club Promotion runs for the next month, through December 31, 2015 and is open to all affiliates who register with the program.

For more information about the promotion, visit the iAffiliates website or contact their [email protected]