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ArenaCube partners with Cheza Gaming and enters the Kenyan market

Tuesday 14th February 2017
ArenaCube announced a partnership with Cheza Gaming to launch Arena Challenge, its multiplayer sports betting platform, with the aim to enhance gaming in Kenyan market.

Arena Challenge is an innovative betting game that shifts the focus of traditional sports betting from players betting against the operator, to players competing, using a combination of their betting skills and strategic game play, against other players.

Mr. Mario Fiorini, CEO of ArenaCube said: “We are excited over entering the Kenyan market, and we truly believe that this partnership will contribute in the growth of gaming in Africa as our game brings innovation that embraces and enhances the experience and possibilities for both player and platform operator in ways never seen before.”

Mr. Barney Barrow, CEO of Cheza Gaming stated: “It’s no secret that the traditional Sports Betting market has grown exponentially in Kenya. We see multiplayer (player versus player) betting as the key driver for continued growth. We searched the planet for the best and the most engaging multiplayer betting platform and we, finally, found it at ArenaCube. Arena Challenge takes betting back to where it began with players competing with each other, rather than the house. We are excited about the concept and we are sure that the Kenyans will play in their numbers. Our partnership with ArenaCube delivers on our strategic approach to bring innovation to the Kenyan gaming market under our “Hela” brand and give players the best and most engaging games. As we rollout into other territories we look forward to the continued partnership with Arena Challenge.”