LV BET supports young Polish football talent in London

LV BET CEO Adrian Sidowski has announced the sponsorship and support of PFC Victoria London - a Polish football team based at the Rectory Meadow, West London.

PFC Victoria is a community-driven Polish football club who pride themselves on promoting diversity and social inclusion in their community.

 In addition to an ambition to rise through the league, they also support initiatives to tackle discrimination, such as the Non-League Day. Last year’s event was a great success, with many other local clubs joining the cause.

LV BET’s support of the team reflects shared values, a desire to discover and encourage new talent, and most importantly, a passion to raise awareness about the importance of sports for youths in the community.

Tomasz Słowiak, President of PFC Victoria London said:“We feel honoured that a company like LV BET decided to support a local Polish community club, we are convinced that it will be a fruitful cooperation for both parties and it will certainly help to promote the brand in the British Isles."

Adrian Sidowski, CEO of LV BET added:At LV BET we know the amazing things real teamwork can achieve, because we too started out with just a small squad and a dream. Of course, we’re also passionate about football, and love the international nature of our business.

“Though our roots are Polish we have team members from all over the world, but we’ve always enjoyed particularly strong links with the UK - so we couldn’t miss this opportunity to sponsor PFC Victoria London. We will do our very best to help the club become part of the fabric of the world’s most exciting city and help them reach and inspire as many young Polish Londoners as possible.”

In what is hopefully a sign of things to come, PFC Victoria London, backed by LV BET, has already enjoyed a great start in the Middlesex County League Premier Division.


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