Betinvest launch new website

For Betinvest, 2019 began with the launch of a modern, impressive website. The website is a state-of-the-art platform which provides comprehensive information for gambling business startups looking to get into sports betting. It will be further developed to include a blog where industry experts will share their advice and expertise.

“We have created a website which clearly presents all of our products and has a modern, interactive and convenient design. The developers have done a great job of blending hi-tech features with sport. They have found the perfect balance between usability and interactivity, enabling us to offer our clients an exciting user experience. Welcome to our new website – we hope you like it!” said VP of Business Development, Valentyn Kyrylenko.

When you open the Betinvest website, the first thing you see is a dynamic planet with a football satellite. It’s certainly something that will stick in your mind. The web solutions company Outfour, the developer who worked on this project, said that this planet consists of over 550 individually drawn and animated frames (30 fps).

“It was a great challenge and, at the same time, an opportunity for us to create a stunning website for Betinvest. We conducted in-depth research into the industry, target audience and competitors. This helped us to come up with scenarios where the website would be used and create a tailored plan for the UX & UI design, which will enable us to achieve our goals. We also optimised all the content and our scripts for a faster loading speed without reducing the quality. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about our work from our industry colleagues,” said Roman Kovalchuk, Managing Partner at Outfour.

With respect to the developers of the new website, Betinvest said the following: “We were looking for a team with experience in creating successful websites for big international B2B or B2C corporations. We are grateful to the Outfour team for being brave enough to bring all of our company’s goals to life.”


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