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Social responsibility has increasingly become an indispensable part in corporate operations. More than ever, companies feel the obligation of changing the way they run their business, becoming more transparent, and taking an active role in addressing social, cultural, and environmental issues. In the iGaming industry, we also believe it is of vital importance to be socially responsible. The Gaming Beat Charity (TGB Charity), a nonprofit brand initiated by BBIN, is committed to making a better world by helping vulnerable groups alleviate poverty and improve the standard and quality of living, health, and education.

BBIN is a leading iGaming software supplier in Asia dedicated to developing technologies and systems as well as providing platform integration services. BBIN has earned the recognition of many awards in the industry, and in recent years, it has been actively participating in international events. In addition to participating in benchmark exhibitions, BBIN has collaborated with the world-famous Bundesliga football team, Dortmund, and the Formula 3 champion team, Theodore Racing. Last year, BBIN also partnered up with one of the world's top 100 DJs, Fedde Le Grand, for the first time at TGB Charity's charitable music event, accumulating support from over one million people around the world.

With the growing number of natural disasters impacting various parts of the world, corporations are rethinking their approach to disaster reliefand recovery support. BBIN continues to show concern for the issues which are exacerbated by global warming. TGB Charity has partnered up with the international charity organization, Trees for the Future, for the first time. They've launched the latest global tree planting event “For the Next”, inviting everyone to make a change for Earth.

The global tree planting event, “For the Next”, will begin on 5 June - World Environment Day. BBIN is giving its greatest support and will first plant 200,000 trees around the world in the hope of creating valuable impact. BBIN eagerly invites you and your friends to show support.Your participation will grow into infinite possibilities. BBIN hopes to collect a large number of clicks from the public to support tree planting around the world. Just go to the event website and click to plant trees for free. The more seeds you click, the more trees BBIN will plant.

To plant trees for free, go to or search "TGBcharity" online.With actions, BBIN is working with you to make the dream of a greener world come true.


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