6 + Poker full screen for full pleasure

BetGames.TV is launching 6+ Poker in full screen mode, once again showing a highly progressive approach in a consistently fluid industry environment.

The game was only recently released as part of our portfolio but is already garnering enough attention to warrant substantial upgrades to increase user-enjoyability and interactivity. This in turn leads to greater time-spend, bet counts, revenue growth and profits. The full screen mode will be launched on June 11 th and will offer a new landscape view, new user-interface and an enhanced overall experience.

The game is showing remarkable growth and fully justifies BetGames.TV going all-in with a full-screen and an updated user-friendly betting environment.

We strive to create world-class, innovative, unique and player-intensive betting solutions, and partners can benefit greatly from our vision. The industry can become stale very quickly, especially with generation Y and Z pushing hard for market space and we need to be trend setters. We believe enhancing the 6+Poker experience will add to this mission statement, and full screen mode is proof of a perfectly adaptable portfolio.


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