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BGaming support service: “From the inside out ”

Hanna Stsiakolenka, BGaming’s Technical Account Manager and Team Leader, discusses the main support service goals of its Help Center, with a focus on the integration responsibilities with its partners, and how the company’s games work accordingly with its platforms.


What is the main goal of the Support Service centre? Why is it important for providers? 
I believe that efficient and timely support is the main criterion of a professional game provider and of any other company as well. I think this is how the trust in professional relationships is built - as a client, or a partner, you know that any of your questions will be answered and any potential issue will be investigated on a certain level. 

For a game provider in such a highly competitive industry, which iGaming surely is, having a wide portfolio of high-quality games can’t be enough to be successful. That’s why it is important to offer a complex approach including support at every stage of integration. And for sure, it is a fast and easy integration process that makes a provider stand out among others. It is as valuable as all the work the brand's team is engaged in to produce new games. And of course, the support service team must be flexible to adapt to any of our clients’ environment peculiarities and what is more, constantly analyse any possible risks to be able to provide a timely solution. Being a few steps ahead is what makes a good support team.

The more rapidly a brand grows, the more value high-standard support gains. I believe that the evolution of our support service must go hand in hand with the company’s development so that clients receive the first-rate product with no delay to enhance our combined results.

As for BGaming, we launched a Help Center a few months ago and we can see that it was a good decision. We successfully tested it when we received the MGA licence, and at once a lot of new projects appeared in the pipeline. Now we expect a Greek licence, which will be a new test for us. But we have no doubt that we will be able to work with clients from this region efficiently. 

How does BGaming help when it comes to the integration process? And after integration, how do you continue to support your clients?
After the deal is signed with my business colleagues, we proceed to the integration chat where we’re ready to address all the questions that might arise - including very specific cases of clients’ environments, since we also involve our developers in the integration process. That’s how our partners can get a detailed explanation.

Our approach is pretty flexible and we’re always open to suggestions on how to improve our backend (and not only backend, but also post-integration support) to make the experience more and more advantageous to all parties.

How would you say that BGaming has adapted to widening and improving its Support Service centre for clients? 
I would say we’re still in the process but in a good sense of course. Since the company's growth has never stopped, it continues to adapt and get ready for new challenges ahead. 

In general, one of the most important tools is high-quality communication. It would seem that it’s obvious and very easy to have, but it’s not. You need to constantly improve this process. Every person that starts working in the support service team needs to go through several levels of test tasks. Sometimes it’s very useful to arrange a “crash test” for managers who have been working for a while, to find out what to polish up first. 

We carry out internal deep learning sessions with the help of our developers so the support team can understand how our games work from the inside out, gaining more and more experience in tricky situations. The specificity of the profession is such that you need to be very versatile and have different skills: both a technical base and soft skills. That's what we strove to have when we built a new team.

We understand that BGaming has implemented a new approach to supporting its clients. Can you elaborate on this please?
Quite a while before launching our Help Center, we had announced our SLA to the customers, but it wasn’t so easy to keep it tracked and evaluated with the tools we had back then. As for now, both the team and our partners can see the progress of a particular ticket and keep the history of requests.

We see that innovations lead to an acceleration of the integration process, and this is something that is important for customers. In particular, we recently completed the integrations in two weeks. This is a very good result for the industry and we will strive to make it happen as often as possible. BGaming has successfully completed the integration into seven reputable aggregator platforms since the beginning of the year, which allowed the provider to go live with many fiat and crypto casinos.

We are currently working with five more aggregators to integrate BGaming’s portfolio into them. But the most important thing is that today we can take on an even larger number of projects at the same time and this will not affect the quality of the service.

Overall, what are your future goals and aims in providing a support system for your clients? How do you plan to innovate and take BGaming to the next level?
Our next goal is to focus on Self-Service tools. Imagine how much less time it would take to get your issue solved when you have a wide knowledge base just a click away. I believe that could be truly useful for our partners and moreover, a great journey for our team to cover all possible topics there.

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