6 May, 2022


Speaking at ICE London 2022, Galaxsys Sales Team Manager Teni Grigoryan said: “The game was launched this month, in cooperation with Fashion Gaming Group, it’s a very engaging game with real models

“For each round, you can play with a new model, and the idea of the game is that you need to cash out before the model stops walking on the stage. We have the option to cash out, or half cash-out, so that you can secure yourself and continue playing with the rest of the amount you made the bet with.

“We have quite a lot of functionalities like Auto Bet so that you can play non-stop each round; again, we have the Auto Cashout so that you can decide which multiplier you want to start the game on and do the cashout.

“It’s very engaging and so far a lot people are interested in the game.”