6 May, 2022


Speaking at ICE London 2022, NetGaming Head of Product Nat Ovchinnikova noted: “The Shelby Online Video Slot is our collaboration game with the Shelby brand.

Carroll Shelby is the massive, legendary manufacturer of cars. The whole legacy with any game of NetGaming is that we try to stay true to the brand, we try to stay true to the core mechanic and the ideas of the game.

“The Shelby brand is all about his own personal legacy and history of racing; it’s about all those luxurious cars which are currently being auctioned and are sold at extremely expensive prices. So we accumulated all these parts of what is the true core of this brand, and with that in mind this slot was created.

“There is a boost bet option which does increase your chances of getting certain features; and in terms of the features, we have base game features as well as different free spins and bonus modes. There is the auction bonus game, where players can bid on cars by choosing from five models that we have the rights to use. All the footage that we use is the original Shelby historical footage.

“Players can also get free spins where you go into the race. We’re going to race with the multiplier, so the more symbols you collect, the faster it goes, the faster the multiply grows; and players are ending up at extremely high speeds, x100 multipliers."