27 October, 2022

In focus: MiFinity

Who is MiFinity?

We’re the fastest-growing payment provider in the iGaming space, with the greatest geographic reach of any eWallet. So even if you haven’t heard of MiFinity, your players have – and, with high-profile brands of the Betsson Group, Claymore Group and GGPoker integrated with MiFinity into their cashiers, you’re going to hear a lot more about us in the future!

In 2022 alone, we’ve facilitated 500 merchant integrations. With more in the pipeline, we aim to double that before the end of the year. Every day, we have over 1,000 people signing up for our MiFinity eWallet and transaction growth has increased by 1,700% in a year.

Behind the scenes, the MiFinity team include iGaming and payment industry legends with vast knowledge and experience, including innovators and disruptors who are challenging us; and the industry to improve things. This dynamic team is shaping our success.

What is your main service?

The MiFinity eWallet is our flagship service with its super low fees and intuitive user experience. We’ve invested significantly in our technology and services in the last few years. We want to be different from other eWallet providers and deliver a better service to make the payment journey faster, more straightforward and more secure for both players and merchants. 

We’ve achieved this in several ways. Firstly, we’ve innovated our fee structure to make it more transparent and competitive so that players have more money to spend on the things they want. Similarly, we offer our merchants integrated per-transaction pricing with no hidden fees.

We also launched the MiFinity virtual IBAN, which allows players in the EEA and UK to transfer funds into their eWallet with no fees to pay. One of the key differences between the MiFinity eWallet and others on the market is that users can create multiple eWallets within their account.

These can be in different currencies, and we currently support 17 native currencies and plan to expand this further in 2023.

This is a great way for users to manage their funds and how they spend them. We also have over 60 integrated payment methods, so users can fund their eWallet using their preferred local payment option.

Our customers have also welcomed our MiFinity eVoucher, which can be purchased from popular sites worldwide and allows players to top up their account without the hassle of a bank account. 

How do you support iGaming operators?

At MiFinity, we know payment methods are crucial to your customer acquisition and retention strategy. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in the user experience and are committed to keeping our fees low.

By ensuring our customer base are engaged and using their MiFinity eWallet, we can help operators increase conversions and acquire and retain players. Then we go the extra mile by providing additional services and functionality like the MiFinity iFrame, designed to maximise transaction successrates and create a frictionless payment journey. 

When it comes to payouts, we’ve also introduced our PayAnyBank service, which facilitates bank payouts in 82 countries and our PayAnyCard service, which enables payment card transfers in multiple countries worldwide.

Do you have an affiliate programme?

We launched MiFinity Affiliates this year, and already have many merchants and industry affiliates registered.

We’re proud to say that MiFinity Affiliates pays the highest revenue commission in the industry, up to 35%, including lifetime commissions and with commission paid on all transfers to and FX fees.

Our programme aims to help our affiliate partners increase conversions and generate additional revenue, so we’ve also invested significantly in our enterprise affiliate platform to help partners manage their programmes, track conversions and access payments easily. As with everything we do, we aim to do it better than everyone else, so there’s the potential to earn more with MiFinity than with any other eWallet provider.

What’s next on the horizon for MiFinity?

MiFinity is continually investing in its people, technology and product roadmap. For example, earlier this year we challenged our UX team to develop an app that utilises the latest technology available in the app market. Thus delivering a best-in-class user experience and ultimately maximising conversion funnels so customers can make quick and secure payments. 

They’ve delivered on every front, and we will launch our new native and desktop experience soon. We’re also looking at the MiFinity iFrame, so expect an announcement in early 2023. We don’t stand still at MiFinity, and through 2023 you will see us continue to innovate, whether introducing new services or improving what we already do.

At the same time, we will continue to grow our customer base, transaction volumes and global reach; and keep up with demand from new merchants to integrate MiFinity due to customer demand.