Product Review: Automatic Sports Trading Manager from LSports

By Carl Friedmann

LSports’ Sports Trading Manager product serves as a new take on sports trading. The STM is a unique and advanced trading system, aiming to cut costs and improve sportsbooks outcomes. Along with the product’s comprehensive sports data feeds, it allows its users to have full control by pricing, creating and suspending their odds per their set requirements. Operators are able to create the most accurate fair value odds and set their margins in the most efficient way possible. The product offers an extensive filtering system (lists, sports, regions, leagues, fixtures and more) allowing users to set their margins to any chosen group. They’re also able to automatically suspend their odds following pre-decided factors.Using models of “wisdom of the crowd”, the company ensures its data integrity and reliability. STM also applies its smart logic to automatically handle out of coverage situations once triggered, and switches its data in accordance with the operator’s pre-set choices. STM sports data feeds has comprehensive coverage of over 60 sports, an average of 105,000 monthly pre-match events, 55,000 in-play events, and over 1,500 betting markets. The API is backed by a user-friendly interface displaying all messages received pre, post, and during an event. The product’s upcoming features also include an advanced recommendation system. Seeing as its database is updated in real-time across dozens of bookmakers, STM will eventually produce live recommendations for traders to secure them the best odds possible. With the lowest latency in the market, an all-in-one data lifecycle, and significantly reduced operational costs, STM seems to be a solid and intriguing new solution for sportsbooks worldwide, with a few dozen of them already upgraded to the advanced solution.