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SCCG Management and Snapscreen sign strategic partnership

Now, with one mobile snap, customers can place bets during live athletic events that are being aired on TV or streaming services.

sccg management snapscree sign deal
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A strategic partnership between SCCG Management and Snapscreen Inc., the Austrian and New York-based technology business that created the SnapOdds live betting video recognition system, has been announced.

By using SCCG Management's broad network and knowledge, the alliance hopes to provide SnapOdds, termed the ‘Shazam for Sports Betting’ to a variety of new audiences throughout the world.

With the help of the SnapOdds technology, consumers can bet during live athletic events that are being aired on TV or streaming services with just a single mobile snap. Platforms for social media, sports media and sports betting operators can all simply include the technology.

Stephen Crystal, Founder & CEO of SCCG Management, said: “The collaboration with Snapscreen Inc. represents a pioneering moment in the sports betting industry. This is an exciting step towards our commitment to drive innovation and expand opportunities in the world of gaming.”

Thomas Willomitzer, Snapscreen Inc Founder and CEO, said: “We are delighted to partner with SCCG Management to bring SnapOdds, our innovative ‘Shazam for Sports Betting’, as our technology is usually called, to new audiences.”

This joint venture highlights how SnapOdds technology has the potential to revolutionise the sports betting industry globally.

Operators have a chance to interact with audiences in real-time, improving user experience and encouraging greater involvement.

Technology delivers a dynamic, interactive platform that revolutionises how fans interact with their favourite sports by providing spectators with live game odds through a quick snap.

In a recent agreement, SCCG Management and Scrimmage expanded the latter's sportsbook loyalty and incentives system through the former.

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