28 September, 2022

A lot can happen in six years

Soft2Bet’s Director of PR Hamza Afifi discusses how the company has grown since starting out six years ago, as well as entering new markets and in-person industry events.

Congratulations on your sixth anniversary. Do any highlights stand out in particular?

Soft2Bet has seen exceptional growth in the last year, both as a company itself and also in terms of the new strategic partnerships we have formed.

We have increased the number of game providers to 95 and the number of payment providers to 110. Hence, our portfolio has diversified significantly, now consisting of a whopping 7,000 games and 400 live games.

This year has also been centred around expanding our global footprint to reach a broader audience. We are pleased to say that we have successfully secured two licences; Danish (gambling licence from the Danish Gambling Authority, Spillemyndigheden) and Irish (gambling licence from the Irish Revenue Commissioners). We also have a keen interest in making further acquisitions in the near future.

We also re-launched our new and improved Betinia brand to the Swedish market and prepared a large-scale offline promo marketing campaign, which spanned numerous platforms including TV, outdoor billboards and display advertising.

What would be your advice to new companies starting out in iGaming, given what you’ve learnt as a company?

Every company goes through ups and downs, particularly as this industry is constantly changing and evolving. However, the key is to persevere and focus on the bottom line; what does our company stand for and what makes it stand out from the rest?

Of course, the next step would be to hire experienced professionals who can confidently form strong teams, are motivated to reach those goals and follow through with the implementation of new ideas.

We have recently celebrated a new milestone this year: 1,000 employees, just in time for our sixth anniversary. We are extremely proud of the people in our company as it’s their hard work and determination that has brought about the success we have seen over the years.

How difficult is it to enter new markets?

Obtaining different licences has been a top priority for us since the beginning. However, many of the markets that exist today, both in and outside of Europe, did not exist six years ago; so the opportunities for growth have increased substantially.

Nonetheless, being able to secure entry into any market is no small feat. It takes a large amount of time, preparation and resources to achieve this, and all departments have to carefully follow the strict rules of each regulator.

With the industry continuously evolving, how have recent changes influenced the latest iteration of your platform?

The Soft2Bet team is constantly improving our various in-house solutions to adapt to the changing climate of our industry. We have also launched a brand new product that has seen many changes, including the introduction of several cutting-edge features that serve to improve our players’ overall casino and sports betting experience. The features include but are not limited to an increase in stability and speed, with respect to the processing of customer requests.

This platform is also aimed at enhancing our aggregation capabilities, while covering all our bases in terms of security, data protection and overall fault tolerance. It has a greater capacity to successfully integrate an array of systems like never before, including providers, social media and mobile applications.

Moreover, with the rising number of mobile phone users, the various companies that we partner with and the increased interest in our brands, it’s safe to say this is just the beginning; and we are continuously refining our brands to perfection. This will ensure we have consistent business growth across all platforms.

How important are in-person industry events for the industry?

Industry events enable partners from all parts of the globe to congregate in one place, to meet and learn about the latest technological developments by means of exhibitions. These conferences are vital as they generate a new energy that stimulates innovation and helps the industry move forward.

Exhibitions such as ICE are an opportunity for us to stand out from the rest, showcasing our many new projects, updating partners on our plans for the future, as well as learning from other businesses and competitors. For us, attending and participating in these international events and conferences is a powerful method we use to present our business to both prospective and existing clients.