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KSA and Cloudflare forge alliance to combat illegal gambling providers

The new agreement will allow the KSA to obtain information from Cloudflare about the hosting parties behind illegal gambling operations.

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The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has taken steps to enhance its efforts in tackling illegal gambling offerings through a new partnership agreement with Cloudflare, an internet service provider.

Earlier directives from the KSA to Cloudflare aimed at curbing illegal gambling activities were found to be technically incorrect, prompting subsequent discussions and the withdrawal of binding instructions.

The investigation by the KSA targeted affiliate websites ‘’ and ‘,’ where the identity of the owners remained elusive.

Initial directives to Cloudflare to cease services to these affiliates were based on the assumption that Cloudflare could directly halt the violation.

However, subsequent dialogue clarified Cloudflare's role, leading to the withdrawal of directives and the establishment of new agreements to better combat illegal gambling.

Under the new agreements, the KSA can engage directly with Cloudflare to obtain information on the hosting parties behind illegal gambling providers.

This information hopes to aid the KSA's investigations, aiming to disrupt and ultimately halt illegal gambling activities.

In the Netherlands, offering gambling games without a licence from the KSA is prohibited, as is promoting illegal gambling under the Gambling Act.

To combat illegal offerings, the KSA employs various measures such as restricting services from payment providers and internet hosts.

By disrupting the services provided by intermediaries to illegal gambling operators in this manner, the KSA aims to impede illegal activities and protect consumers from unregulated gambling practices.

Despite this, illegal providers often employ measures to evade detection, making it challenging to identify website owners and hosting parties. It is hoped that the new agreement with Cloudflare will help to combat this.

Earlier this week, the KSA reported that online gambling revenue for 2023 was up 28%.

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