Sportsradar partner up with the Brazilian football league to help tackle match fixing

By Harrison Sayers
Sportradar have partnered up with the Brazilian football federation, Confederação Brasileira de Futebol (CBF), in an attempt to improve integrity for the Brazilian football league.

The CBF will be hoping that Sportradar's expertise in sports data provision will help uncover fraudulent bets and reduce match fixing.

Speaking about the partnership CBF President Marco Polo Del Nero said: “Our commitment is on the integrity of all the competitions, safeguarding all matches from any interference. The betting market is growing and we have to ensure that our competitions are not hit by despicable integrity attacks. We were looking for a leading partner in the world market, with widely recognized work and which already had a broad knowledge of the Brazilian football structure. We are delighted to shake hands with Sportradar.”

The new partnership will see Sportsradar employ its ‘Fraud Detection Systems’ across all Brazilian league fixtures. The CBF will also be employing an in-house Integrity Department which will include an Integrity Officer who will work closely with Sportradar in the future.

Sportsradrar have previously monitored the Brazil Cup, Italies Serie A and Serie B all through international football governing bodies.

Part of the deal will also see CBF gain the expertise of Sportradar’s Fraud Intelligence unit to further supplement both monitoring and detection services.

Sportradar Managing Director Integrity Services Andreas Krannich said: “We have put a lot of energy in building our reputation in North and South America and it is so gratifying to see that work come to fruition. Brazil is so important to the global game – a powerful and much-loved standard bearer for football’s past glories and future excitement. Shaking hands with CBF is a proud moment for us and it only motivates us to continue building our reputation and working hard to protect football and sport in every corner or the globe.”


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