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NEWS 12 January 2018
DraftKings begins massive recruitment and growth drive
By Robert Simmons
American daily fantasy sports heavyweight DraftKings has announced its intention to begin an “aggressive hiring campaign” that will see the company increase in size by 75% over the next 18 months.

In a statement, Jason Robins co-founder and CEO of DraftKings said: “We are entering an exciting phase of accelerated growth at DraftKings as we continue to develop new products and diversify our offerings. To meet these needs and remain at the forefront of innovation, DraftKings is focused on hiring top talent.”

As part of the drive, DraftKings aims to grow its workforce from its current 425 employees to more than 700 by the middle of 2019. At the same time, the company has unveiled plans for a new headquarters in Boston, which will be double the size of DraftKings current office.

The company has confirmed that at least 600 of its employees will be based in Boston following its relocation.

DraftKings new 105,000 sqft office will be located at 500 Boyleston Street in the Back Bay suburb of Boston. It also plans to expand its in-house media production studio aiming to create unique employee “neighborhoods” designed to foster cross-department collaboration.

Addressing the new office development, Robins added: “We are also honing in on our commitment to Boston by opening a new headquarters in the city. We’re especially thankful to Governor Baker, Mayor Walsh and the state’s legislative leadership for their continued support of our company and Boston’s thriving tech economy.”

DraftKings relocation is scheduled to be completed in the first half of 2019.

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IN-DEPTH 25 June 2018
Will Blockchain Technology Redesign the iGaming Industry?
Blockchain and ICOs; two words which spark both good and bad reactions, while they also refuse to be ignored. Needless to say, this wave of new technology is not going anywhere, anytime soon and, with (almost) everyone ready to jump on board, you have to wonder: are you just jumping on the bandwagon? There is no “one answer” for this, as it all lies within your purpose, how you present yourself (and how quickly) and what concepts you can bring to this (growing) table. Whether you believe in blockchain technology (or not), let’s examine its effect on the industry, the potentials, and how you can (strategically) embrace it.