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NEWS 15 August 2019

NY Senator: “We are already behind; it’s shocking and disappointing”

By Nathan Joyes

Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr tells Gambling Insider New York is falling behind other states, as well as losing out on money to New Jersey.

Despite New York legalising sports betting, mobile wagering is still prohibited and Senator Addabbo informs Gambling Insider he is shocked with the position New York still finds itself in.

Addabbo explains he has addressed every concern New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has expressed.

He says: "Every issue the Governor has given us for the reason why we have not done it, we have addressed it. For example, the Governor was concerned about constitutionality; we addressed it in the bill."

To support Addabbo’s claims, he is helping to produce a study which will be published by the end of 2019, showcasing the benefits mobile sports betting can have for New York.

He says: "I’m hoping that a study which our state is producing gives us some momentum, so we can get mobile sports betting included within the new January executive budget; then we can realise the potential for revenue, educational funding, jobs and legal betting.

"[Retail wagering] is a step in the right direction but my district is hours away from the nearest casino and so people are choosing to go to New Jersey instead, which is less than a 25-minute drive. We haven’t stopped people from travelling there by legalising sports wagering."

Despite a slow start, Addabbo remains optimistic and hopeful mobile sports wagering will be legalised in New York sooner rather than later.

He states: "It is so much better to play, rather than sit on the sidelines and watch everybody else get involved. So many in the gaming industry are shocked that we do not have mobile sports betting yet. But I’m going to remain optimistic that things will change this time next year."

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