BGaming exclusive: The future of game creation and AI

Chief RnD Officer at BGaming, Alexandr Shavel, speaks to Gambling Insider about AI-generated games and what the future holds for them. 

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Two of BGaming’s games were 90% AI-generated, but why wasn’t this figure 100%? Did it still need human influence?  

Sure! BGaming made huge strides in AI this year, not just with two but four titles being AI-generated: Alien Fruits, Wild Chicago, Luck and Magic, and Mice and Magic Wonder Spin. Overall, 2023 was a big year for BGaming, as revealed in our featured article. Feel free to dive in. 

Returning to AI, why didn't we reach the 100% figure? AI tools are great for speeding up processes. It’s not about capability but optimising their use. AI helps in quick prototyping and assists artists, yet the crucial touch of human expertise ensures the finest quality. 

We're moving towards a future where AI will be a big part of visuals, but it's the mix of AI and human creativity that truly sets the stage. BGaming stood out in 2023 with AI-driven game releases, showing how well tech and human skills work together. 

How popular have BGaming’s AI-generated games been?  

BGaming’s AI-powered titles have been quite a hit, especially Alien Fruits which often finds itself at the top. But here's the thing: a game's popularity isn't solely about its AI-driven visuals. Sure, the art makes the first impression, but what really seals the deal is the game's mechanics and the math behind it all.  

Surprisingly, BGaming’s AI-based games, built on existing mechanics, perform even better than the originals. Each game has shown solid stats, proving that players don't shy away from AI-generated art. 

AI helps in quick prototyping and assists artists, yet the crucial touch of human expertise ensures the finest quality

Can you explain the technology behind the creation of AI-generated games?  

To tell the truth, there’s no specific technology solely dedicated to creating AI-generated games. We see AI as a tool, as simple as that. BGaming’s approach involves using AI instruments tailored for visual generation, enriching the work of our artists and game designers. We've fine-tuned and deeply understood these AI image-generation tools, maximising their efficiency in our creative process. The focus lies in using these instruments as assistants to enhance our design capabilities rather than a distinct technology for creating AI-powered titles. 

Have you faced problems with the creation of AI-generated games?  

Yes, we've had our fair share of challenges making AI-generated games. Every new tool needs a lot of work to show some promising results at first. It's all about trying and failing loads of times to make things better.  

You know, how we start using AI instruments and how we end up mastering them are totally different. From handling accounts to figuring out what we need, refining stuff, and keeping everything in check, it's like the difference between how an average person and a pro might use AI tools. BGaming is all about using every instrument like seasoned professionals, picking up lessons from the tough times and getting better every step of the way. 

Is there a large number of companies offering AI-generated games?  

Since the introduction of AI tools, numerous game studios including BGaming tried them out and proudly touted their AI-driven products. Towards the year's end, AI gained significant momentum, leading even major industry players to embrace AI for game development. 

AI really shines in specific areas and themes, saving artists from starting every project from scratch. Think magic, fantasy, gems, mystery, and the future — AI is excellent at blending these elements. It crafts refined AI versions based on thorough analyses and its wealth of knowledge about various possibilities. 

In my opinion, it's more important for companies to use AI tools effectively and demonstrate real results rather than resorting to PR and empty rhetoric. 

In my opinion, it's more important for companies to use AI tools effectively and demonstrate real results rather than resorting to PR and empty rhetoric

Does AI pose a risk to the jobs of those people who create games?  

I believe AI doesn't pose any threat; instead, it will likely introduce a powerful tool that accelerates processes, reshaping the industry. AI will help make routine tasks more efficient but won't diminish the importance of professionals who imagine, conceptualise and design. While automation will likely increase in iGaming, the human touch will remain crucial in evaluating the quality and suitability of AI-generated titles. 

It might even change the way content is handled. AI tools will allow generating a vast amount of games very cheaply and rapidly, opening up personalized content tailored to different locations, age groups, and genders. This shift may introduce new professional avenues and job opportunities. 

Do you think there will be a time when all games are AI generated?  

Actually, it's a complex question without a definitive answer. The thing is that AI algorithms learn from what humans create, using that knowledge to generate new content. However, they can't truly create from scratch or innovate like humans can. Creativity, thinking outside the box, and coming up with new ideas are uniquely human abilities. 

Some games might be entirely AI-created, especially in areas like art, math, and animation due to cost-effectiveness. However, popular hits or personalized content will probably remain human-driven. While automation will advance, not all games will be fully automated since certain aspects will always require human ingenuity. 

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