BGaming CEO: Putting players first in game development

BGaming CEO, Marina Ostrovtsova, speaks to Gambling Insider to give insight into its latest offering, Aztec Clusters, and the influence casino streamers had on the game. 

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Are casino streamers' growing popularity a key reason behind the ideas for this game?  

Of course, gambling streamers are trusted influencers in the iGaming industry. As part of a player-driven approach, BGaming has been closely collaborating with streamers for a while now, supplying them with entertaining content and reaching a wider audience. 

We're all about putting players first, which includes understanding what they like and how they engage with games. By studying both player and streamer behaviour and preferences, conducting A/B testing, and gathering feedback from the gambling community and opinion leaders, BGaming makes games more appealing and popular. 

Game tests are a big part of this, too. Since 2023, we've been partnering with the Scatters Club community, engaging real players and streamers in our game testing. With actionable feedback from over 1,000 participants worldwide, we incorporate it during the game development stage to polish BGaming’s games before official releases. 

So, creating a game based on insights from streams was a natural progression for us. Aztec Clusters is designed with streamers in mind, using quantitative and qualitative data to ensure the online slot resonates with both players and influencers. 

What were some interesting things you found out from your research looking at 10,000 hours of casino streaming insights?  

We discovered some fascinating trends from our research analysing 10,000 hours of casino streaming insights. Using data from Casinolytics AI, which has analysed billions of minutes of live streaming content, BGaming identified what captures streamers’ and viewers' attention. 

One key finding is that streamers thrive on challenges and seek achievable maximum wins. That's why we designed Aztec Clusters to offer a max win potential of 10,000x, accessible from various game modes, including the base game, Wild Spins, and different levels of the bonus buy feature. For streamers, the bonus buy option and Wild Spins are essential elements that allow them to engage with the game differently, exert more control over their gameplay, and enhance their chances of hitting big wins. 

Casinolytics’ data also revealed that sticky Wilds and multipliers are prevalent features in today's most popular titles. As a response, we integrated these elements into a unique feature unseen in cluster games before, adding an exciting twist to Aztec Clusters. 

We're all about putting players first, which includes understanding what they like and how they engage with games

How much do you think casino suppliers/providers can benefit from casino streamers to elevate their offerings?  

For casino providers like us at BGaming, teaming up with streamers is definitely a win-win. It's all about boosting brand awareness and getting our games out there. By partnering with streamers, we can showcase our latest releases, giving them the spotlight they deserve and reaching a wider audience. 

Our collaborations, such as one with the Scatters Club community, go even further. We involve streamers in game testing, tapping into their expertise to gather valuable feedback that helps us refine our games. Take our latest release, Aztec Clusters, for example. It's the result of insights gathered from over 10,000 hours of casino streams. Streamers' real-time gameplay acts as live user tests, showcasing the finest content and expanding its reach. 

We're truly grateful for the input streamers provide in shaping our games. And we're excited about the potential for future collaborations to bring even more innovative, player-focused games to life. 

Can you explain Cluster games and why they have recently increased in popularity?  

Cluster games are shaking up the online slot scene with their fresh approach to gameplay. Instead of the usual spinning reels, they group clusters of symbols for wins, bringing a whole new level of excitement. These games often come packed with cool features like cascading reels, symbol transformations, and bonus rounds, keeping players hooked and entertained. 

One big reason for their popularity surge? They're super mobile-friendly. With their simple yet dynamic gameplay, cluster games are perfect for gaming on the go. More and more players are reaching for their smartphones or tablets to get their gaming fix, and cluster games fit the bill. 

Plus, let's remember the visuals. Cluster games are known for their eye-catching graphics, lively animations, and engaging themes that appeal to a broad audience. It all adds up to an immersive gaming experience that's hard to resist. 

By partnering with streamers, we can showcase our latest releases, giving them the spotlight they deserve and reaching a wider audience

The game has very high volatility. Why do you think players prefer more significant but less frequent payouts?  

Actually, there's no definite answer here, as players' tastes and preferences vary greatly. Some users prefer games with high volatility for the adrenaline rush of chasing big wins, while others lean towards low-volatility games for more consistent payouts. The same goes for game themes, mechanics, and features – there's no universal favourite among players. 

Based on data from Casinolytics, players have been loving high-volatility games lately, showing a clear preference for the thrill they bring. In Aztec Clusters, very high volatility means that players can experience the rush of big wins, even when luck isn't on their side every spin. The excitement of landing a massive cluster, triggering random features, and stacking multipliers keeps players engaged and entertained. 

Moreover, players have the freedom to tailor their gameplay experience with different options, such as Wild Spins, which can ramp up the volatility to extreme levels. So, while the risks may be high, the potential rewards and excitement make games like Aztec Clusters a hit among players. 

The game was developed in collaboration with Casinolytics, an analytical AI platform, do you envision more of your offerings to be made this way?  

Absolutely! Our collaboration with Casinolytics has been a game-changer, especially in the realm of gambling streaming. What started as a partnership geared towards streamers has blossomed into something remarkable – the creation of Aztec Clusters, an online slot crafted from streamers' insights for players. And you know what? It's been a hit among streamers right from the get-go, which we're thrilled about. 

Now, we're working on our next project with Casinolytics, and we're pretty optimistic about it. With the success of Aztec Clusters as our guide, we're confident that BGaming’s future offerings developed in this collaborative manner will be just as popular, if not more! 

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