30 June, 2022


Gambling Insider looks at the future of iGaming with BGaming Executive Director Marina Ostrovtsova

How do you see the rest of 2022 panning out for BGaming and what are your goals for the year?  

Since 2020 ,planning has become a vague term. The last two years forced companies to make real-time decisions with almost zero planning. Things changed drastically and dramatically, making it pretty challenging to plan something for more than 2-3 months ahead.

The current situation in the world keeps businesses on their toes, leaving no time to relax. It is getting harder to even rely on your previous experience, given that the reality is unique and many market rules no longer work. But at the same time, this tension forces us to look for new opportunities and think outside the box. 

For now, all the global challenges made BGaming stronger as a team, as a partner and as a company. We planned growth of either quantitative metrics like the number of games and operators in our portfolio, or quantitative ones; like internal processes, hiring new BGamers, approach to content release and customer service. It is worth noting that except for the content itself we decided to focus on some extra things this year:

Dealing with data and building processes all around data. We have always been a data-driven studio, and have recently invested into a new high-powered data collection and storage infrastructure.

The launch of additional services like jackpots and tournaments, which we expect will make our content even more engaging.

Strengthening of client services, since it has become obvious that a client needs more than just a game, but also several extra services like expert advice, help with solving problems, custom analytics, etc.

To sum up, we are going through a transformation stage and heading to an added-value approach.

What does the future of iGaming look like in your eyes? What are the latest technologies to look out for? 

I think the future of iGaming is already here. We just need to learn how to benefit from it. Let me highlight a couple of trends: the audience is getting younger. Studios need to be flexible to meet the needs of younger players. Take a look at crypto players’ preferences and you’ll see that the classic approach to game development doesn’t work anymore. The new generation of players comes with a solid background in online gaming. They are willing to engage with something they are familiar with, like high-quality UX, availability of multiplayer gaming, dynamic playing and diverse mechanics.

NFTs are gaining momentum and those market players who first understand how to integrate it into the business will succeed in the future. 

Streamers, with their approach to unique content creation, have become a powerful business line that we need to consider. Streaming with shared betting experiences is a huge trend already. 

The Metaverse, which everyone discusses but none have yet explored thoroughly. Iwon’t predict when it will become a part of our day-to-day life, but gambling has all the chances to contribute to this new reality.

How will online gaming adapt differently across different markets in the coming years?  

Each year, gambling becomes more accessible and more global. From one side, many factors like internet access, mobile ownership and the growth of emerging markets are driving this global growth. On the other hand, the new market expansion is becoming more complicated due to increased regulation, local market specifics and high market saturation. Established companies are looking for support and new opportunities through partnerships, which become an effective way for businesses to open doors to new markets and adapt there. In the modern business world, few companies can afford to meet challenges alone.

What can a supplier do to gain a competitive edge and stand out in the field?  

In the situation when a player’s expectations rise, constant experiments with new features and mechanics can help you at least draw the player’s attention. Track trends and be agile to respond quickly.

From my point of view, the things that truly make a provider stand out are its approach to development and delivery, hiring process, client service, and data analysis. In short, meet your client with a solution!