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SB22 launches virtual reality betting platform

SB22 has launched a virtual reality betting platform.

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The platform aims to offer a highly immersive experience that combines a 360-degree live game streaming with intuitive betting capabilities. It can be tailored for real money gaming and free-to-play using the group’s proprietary transactional platform.

The technology places fans directly into the best seats of a game, and gives them the ability to interact in real-time. Fans can, for example, place wagers on the next play, play in-game contests, and win team merchandise and branded NFTs.

“The VR22 interactive experience is simple and intuitive, using hand-tracking tools and generating system-generated personalised promotions and retention offers using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence capabilities,” a statement from SB22 read.

“The product is geared towards sports betting operators, leagues, and professional sports teams, but the potential application of this tech extends far beyond these verticals.”

SB22 CTO Marko Savkovic commented: “We've put together an engineering and programming team that is without peer in the industry. Our team brings years of experience in sports betting – with specific knowledge and understanding of the US market – along with a deep understanding of enterprise and consumer VR and fintech, to deliver this first-of-its-kind and unique immersive platform. There's simply nothing like it. 

“With this game-changing experience, fans can interact in ways they never have been able to before. We are excited to help shape the future of the industry at SB22.”

Keith Wall, Vice President – Sports Commercial at FanDuel commented: “SB22’s VR application is truly immersive and allows fans to experience and wager on games in a highly innovative way.”

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