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NEWS 7 March 2016

ICC claims anti-corruption force is thwarting match-fixing plan

By Edward Obeng
The International Cricket Council (ICC), the regulatory body behind the sport, believes it has uncovered a match-fixing plot and identified those involved.

The chairman of the anti-corruption unit, Sir Ronnie Flanagan, explained that the alleged plan involved members of an international cricket team, however he did not reveal the country or the individuals suspected.

In a press conference, Flanagan, a retired senior British police officer, said the unit was able to deter the scheme by bringing the team’s players together and reminding them of their “responsibilities” and indicating that perpetrators of match-fixing will be punished.

“Quite recently, we had reason to believe that members of a particular team had intentions to manipulate events in forthcoming matches, this was an international team but I am not going to go into any details,” he said.

“The case is still under our investigation, certain individuals we believe had intention to manipulate events to facilitate betting on those events.

“When we come by a belief that something may happen in the future, bearing in mind that we exist to prevent corruption…we decided in this particular case that we would intervene immediately.”

Flanagan explained further action will be taken on a few individuals within the squad.

This revelation comes just days before the World Twenty20 national team tournament begins in India.

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