Michigan announces April revenue, sports betting down 22%

Following the end of the NFL and March Madness, Michigan has seen a drop in sports betting revenue when compared to the month before, but an increase when compared year-on-year.

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The Michigan Gaming Control Board has released its report on the total gaming and sports receipts for the month of April. The state generated $195.7m in total revenue derived from sports betting and iGaming.

The total combined internet gaming and sports betting adjusted gross receipts for Michigan in April, however, totalled $167.9m.

In April 2023, the gross receipts for internet gaming were $159.4m, with an adjusted amount of $149.3m. This marks a 7% decrease from March 2023, but a 20% increase from April 2022.

However, this follows a record-breaking amount of internet gaming gross receipts from March 2023, which totalled $171.8m.

The $36.3m amount for sports betting sees an adjusted gross receipt of $24.5m, which is a 22% decrease from March 2023, but a 47% increase from April 2022.

When compared to the $404.7m total internet sports betting handle recorded in March 2023, April’s total had decreased by 20.8%.

For the month, operators reported $31m in taxes and payments to the State of Michigan, made up of $29.4m from internet gaming taxes and $1.6m from internet gaming taxes.

Tribal operators in Michigan reported $3.6m had been made in payments to relevant governing bodies in April.

Out of the Internet Gaming Fund of Michigan, $500,000 will be donated to the Compulsive Gaming Prevention Fund and $2m to the First Responder Presumed Coverage Fund.

Any remaining balance will be given to the School Aid Fund at the end of the financial year.

Yesterday, Evolution announced that it would be launching its live craps game in Michigan, following the game's launch in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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