Exclusive Q&A: CEO Johan Tjärnberg on Trustly’s new Azura “engine”

The payments supplier, strongly embedded within the gaming sector, hosted a Trustly XYZ event at the Gherkin in London.

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Trustly has gone into detail on its new Azura “engine,” which CEO Johan Tjärnberg is keen to emphasise is “not just a product.”

The executive was presenting at a Trustly XYZ event in Central London, for which Gambling Insider was in attendance, and gave a keynote speech on the new Azura system.

Azura’s purpose is to give Trustly customers a payments experience that does not require an app or download, with aims outlined including the lowering of costs, increasing personalisation and delivering “what should be an industry leading” 95% conversion rate.

As part of the presentation, in which Tjärnberg admitted Trustly has had to improve on several components of its historical offering, the payments supplier’s video segments were notable for showcasing unscripted, objective and honest customer testimonials.

After the keynote, Tjärnberg joined Gambling Insider for an exclusive Q&A.

Your presentation mentioned the aim of reaching 60 million customers by 2025. What is the outlook for the gaming industry, specifically?

Given that it’s a core vertical for us, if you look at it from an operating perspective, we want to support operators’ end users. And this is a way for us to increase adoption and increase our share of wallet with them. But still it’s going to be an important piece for us to drive adoption, vis á vis other payment methods.

Do you see Azura becoming your legacy as Trustly CEO?

I think so and I think the main point here is really around how we are leveraging and triangulating data to bring a better, safer and more compliant experience. We also see Azura as a starting point of a tool where, over time, we can supply operators with data for compliance and regulatory processes.

How will Azura disrupt gaming payments’ current market offerings?

This boils down to two things: increasing the preference from the players and translating that to conversion. We need to demonstrate that this is a way to deliver the best conversion in the industry.

Being operational in the UK, Sweden and other core markets, how easy is it for Azura to stay compliant across multiple jurisdictions – potentially new ones too?

The whole design of Trustly Azura is done from a compliance perspective. With the significant amount of data we have, we can aim to take compliance to the next level; but we can also provide a better compliance experience to our customers.

Earlier this year, Tjärnberg appeared on the GI Huddle for a video interview at ICE London, when he discussed – among other wider industry topics – the launch of Pay N Play for the UK market.

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