Macau government accounts show gaming industry vigour

By Harrison Sayers
Macau’s 1H gaming taxes have increased an impressive 15.3% according to the city’s most recent Financial Services Bureau (FSB) report released earlier today.

Direct taxes from gaming were also up an impressive 14.2% indicating that many of the casino operators in the region will also have positive 1H growth in comparison to the 2015/2016 financial year.

The tax figure is a good indication for Macau’s thriving casino industry which accounts for well over 90% of the entire region's taxable income. Investors therefore will be watching Macau closely in the coming weeks for more signs of strength from the territory.

It’s great news for the casino industry as these results suggest a good year ahead. However, the people of Macau will also benefit as government expenditure has increased by 13.6% as shown by the FSB.


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